Integrity. Inclusivity. International excellence.

These are the core values that guide us in achieving our scientific aims while fostering a collaborative mindset for all of plant science.

We are governed by an Executive Committee, which has several focused sub-committees, and we receive advice and guidance from a Centre Advisory Committee and a Science Advisory Panel.

Developing our researchers is important to us, so each committee includes an early-career researcher to represent this cohort of our team.


The Centre Advisory Committee: 

  • contributes to the development of our strategies and vision; 
  • establishes and strengthens linkages between academia, industry and government; 
  • advises the leadership team and the administering organisation on our strategic research focus, our structure and general operating principles, and management of intellectual property and commercialisation. 

Members include representatives of government, academia, the plant science community, industry, business, law and policy, and research and development corporations. View Centre Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.


The Science Advisory Panel advises on, and guides, our research planning and research outputs, to ensure the rigour of our research and the quality of our research outputs are at world-leading standard. 

With experience spanning the fields of plant development, evolution, modelling and crop science, the Panel also offers an international perspective on our research field, advising Centre leaders and the Advisory Committee on our strategic research direction. 

Members include senior personnel from leading international organisations (some of which are our partners), the Australian Government, and Australian research and development corporations. View Science Advisory Panel Terms of Reference.


The Executive Committee supports the Centre Director in making important management decisions. The Committee ensures that its membership adequately represents each of our major research themes. View Executive Committee Terms of Reference.

The Executive Committee has three sub-committees and working groups:


The purpose of the Translation and Impact Committee is to provide advice to the Centre Executive Committee to maximise the adoption and impact of the Centre's research outputs in a manner that is consistent with the overarching goals of the Centre. View Translation and Impact Committee Terms of Reference.


The Outreach Working Group facilitates the promotion of our research to our educational partners and the wider community including schools, industry, government and the public at large. 

This includes: 

  • identifying outreach projects and strategies for implementation, for recommendation to the Executive Committee;
  • working with our Chief Investigators to develop and implement strategies that create opportunities for engaging and collaborating with partners and other stakeholder groups;
  • collaborating across the Centre’s Nodes to ensure our research is promoted, in a timely and appropriate manner, to industry and commercial partners, and to the wider community. 

View Outreach Working Group Terms of Reference.


The Researcher Development Working Group leads our strategic initiatives to enhance the leadership skills and resilience of our researchers, including early-career researchers and higher degree research students. 

This includes collaborating across the Centre’s Nodes to identify researchers’ training and development needs, and sourcing/developing appropriate training and development activities, programs, and other resources to facilitate the development of our researchers. View Researcher Development Working Group Terms of Reference.