The ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture recognises the richness diversity brings and we pride ourselves on fostering and promoting a diverse and inclusive environment for our students and staff to work. We also recognise that people from marginalised groups continue to face barriers to entry and progression in STEM fields, resulting in underrepresentation of these groups. We acknowledge the long-standing and systemic inequities and injustices people from such groups face daily.

The Centre for Plant Success is committed to developing an environment that is free from discrimination, that is inclusive, and provides equal opportunity of access, participation and advancement within our Centre, at our partner institutions and in the wider community. Our goal is to provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment which allows all our members to achieve success, and to feel respected and supported.

As a strategic priority, we have established an equity, diversity and inclusivity policy. This policy applies to all members of the Centre. It outlines the internal frameworks which underpin the Centre’s endeavours to fulfil its obligations under various legislative instruments which relate to equity, diversity and inclusivity, and which will drive the Centre’s action plan to implement best practice initiatives to support our commitment to equal opportunity.

The Centre for Plant Success will systematically review this policy, and other policies, procedures, guidelines, to ensure they are consistent with, and reflect the principles of, equity, diversity and inclusion.


The Centre for Plant Success will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or victimisation. Should a member of the Centre be accused of discrimination, harassment or victimisation, the Centre Executive will take immediate actions as necessary through the relevant University governing body avenues. Members of the Centre for Plant Success who encounter or observe professional or personal misconduct are encouraged to discuss, educate about, and/or report the issue. They can do this by contacting the appropriate channels within their institution.


The Centre for Plant Success acknowledges that each of its Nodes will also be guided by their respective host institution’s policies and procedures in terms of day-to-day operations of the Node, and when the Node may be hosting a Centre event.

The University of Queensland
University of Tasmania
Queensland University of Technology
Monash University
Western Sydney University