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Technow F, Podlich D, and Cooper M
Sherman B and Henry RJ


The Federal Government announced $35m of funding for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture on 8 October 2019 together with $7M from five Universities and in-kind from these Universities and thirteen Partner Organisations. While only formally established for one week in 2020, during the course of the past year, a committed team of Chief
Wang Y, Yao R, Du X, Guo L, Chen L, Xie D and Smith SM
Cooper M, Powell O, Voss-Fels KP, Messina CD, Gho C, Podlich DW, Technow F, Chapman SC, Beveridge CA, Ortiz-Barrientos D and Hammer GL
LeBlanc Z, Waterhouse P and Bally J
Tardieu F, Granato ISC, Van Oosterom EJ, Parent B, and Hammer G L