Lead Chief Investigator: Kevin Burrage, Queensland University of Technology

Collaborating Chief Investigator: Diane Donovan


Modelling and prediction are at the core of being able to integrate mechanisms and networks and predict phenotypes.  

Our aim is to deliver the modelling and analysis tools that are fundamental to the discovery and integration of mechanisms and networks and that will enable much of the innovation across the Centre.  

We will also investigate the potential for this new modelling framework to be used in targeted applications for the conservation and management of natural systems. 

We will also challenge the so-called infinitesimal model as being too simplistic and not accounting for structures in genetic networks.  

Our approach

We are developing modelling and analysis tools that act as a quantitative computational ‘bridge’ between the genetic-network models discovered in diverse plants in our Predicting mechanisms and networks program and the targeted applications for crops across environments in our Innovating responsibly program.  

These tools rely on new knowledge developed in the domain of advanced mathematical modelling and computational algorithms.  

Fundamental methods for dealing with complex dynamical systems include model calibration, emulation, uncertainty quantification, and stochastic modelling, with extensions to dynamics on fitness landscapes using manifold theory.