Lead Chief Investigator: Tim Brodribb, University of Tasmania

Collaborating Chief Investigators: Ian Wright, Barbara Holland, Robert Henry


Our aim is to identify a framework of key adaptive traits and syndromes in Eucalyptus, which can be compared and contrasted with the Senecio model system, and insights from parallel work in Andropogoneae grasses. Commonalities in trait strategy could be used to seek common genetic targets. 

Our approach

Combining the Eucalypt phylogeny and climate data, we will identify as many radiations as possible in the clade (including Corymbia). 

We will characterise adaptive convergences/divergences in adaptation to water stress, using a trait set based in water relations. 

We will identify associations between cellular/morphological variation and whole-plant water relations (including cell size, leaf structure, stomatal characteristics, and xylem properties). 

We will then create a model for drought performance in seedlings, based on measured water-relations traits. 

Once gene network candidates have been identified by other projects, we will investigate genetic evidence for adaptive syndromes.